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  • Pucci, Laís Franchini; Fukada, Paulo Massaharu; Pereira, Gustavo Antônio Mendes; Alves, Deivide Patrik; Gomes, Carolina Alves; Reis, Marcelo Rodrigues dos (Editora UFLA, 2019-07)
    Weed management in the pre-transplantation of coffee plants is an essential condition for the future success of the crop. Currently, the producer has few options to perform chemical management at this stage. Therefore, one ...
  • Silva, Paulo Vinicius da; Barbosa, Gustavo César; Ferrari, Andréa; Tronquini, Sergio Mateus; Monquero, Patrícia Andrea (Editora UFLA, 2019-04)
    The present study aims to evaluate the control of C. benghalensis by herbicides applied in post-emergence and in pre-emergence sequentially in the infesting weed in the coffee crop. Two field experiments were carried out ...
  • Alecrim, Ademilson de Oliveira; Guimarães, Rubens José; Castanheira, Dalyse Toledo; Rezende, Tiago Teruel; Carvalho, Milene Alves de Figueiredo; Voltolini, Giovani Belutti (Editora UFLA, 2019-01)
    The weed control in coffee plants has great importance, as they compete for light, water and nutrients. The chemical control is the most used, emphasizing the glyphosate, however, when applied, drift can occur and consequently ...

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