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Browsing Coffee Science - v.13, n.4, 2018 by Subject "Coffea arabica"

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  • Santos, Henrique Frederico; Salgado, Sonia Maria de Lima; Mendes, Antônio Nazareno Guimarães; Carvalho, Alex Mendonça de; Botelho, Cesar Elias; Andrade, Vinicius Teixeira (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    In this study, we aimed to carry out a selection of Coffea arabica progenies in areas infested by Meloidogyne paranaensis in order to select materials that are resistant to this nematode, with desirable agronomic ...
  • Borges, Inácio Barbosa; Rocha, Omar Cruz; Malaquias, Juaci Vitória; Fagioli, Marcelo; Sá, Marcos Aurélio Carolino de; Guerra, Antônio Fernando (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    The cover plants affects soil spatial variability interfering with soil moisture and density, leading to doubts about the need for calibration of the neutron probe for different management systems. The objective of this ...
  • Angelo, Paula Cristina da Silva; Ferreira, Iran Bueno; Reis, André Moraes; Bartelega, Lucas; Carvalho, Carlos Henrique Siqueira de; Paiva, Ana Carolina Ramia Santos; Matiello, José Braz (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    Vegetative propagation of arabica coffee plants selected by their agronomic value has been accomplished routinely in Brazil for scientific purposes, through somatic embryogenesis and rooting of stem cuttings. Somatic ...

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