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Browsing Coffee Science - v.13, n.4, 2018 by Subject "Cafeicultura::Qualidade de bebida"

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  • Monje, Andrés Felipe Bahamon; Parrado, Lina Ximena; Gutiérrez-Guzmán, Nelson (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    Roasted and ground coffee for encapsulation in single-serve capsules compatible with keurig® and coffee powder obtained from Nespresso® commercial capsules were analyzed for pH value, titratable acidity, moisture content, ...
  • Lima, Julião Soares de Souza; Silva, Samuel de Assis (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    The quality of coffee beverages has been under study due to the demand of the consumer market for both arabica and conilon coffee. The aim of this work was to study beverage quality from different clones by means of sensory ...
  • Peñuela-Martínez, Aida Esther; Zapata-Zapata, Arley David; Durango-Restrepo, Diego Luis (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    Fermentation of coffee mucilage is a spontaneous process caused by microorganisms growing in the environment, which is influenced by factors such as the coffee variety, climate and fruit maturity. These external factors ...
  • Oliveira, Pedro Damasceno de; Biaggioni, Marco Antônio Martin; Borém, Flávio Meira; Isquierdo, Eder Pedroza; Damasceno, Mariana de Oliveira Vaz (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    This research evaluated the sensory quality of processed and dried coffee beans in different ways. Two types of processing were used: dry and wet, besides seven drying methods: drying in yard and mechanical drying with ...
  • Ribeiro, Bruno Batista; Câmara, Francisco Mickael de Medeiros; Mendes, Antônio Nazareno Guimarães; Silva, Virgílio Anastácio da; Montanari, Fernanda Faria (Editora UFLA, 2018-10)
    The production of quality coffees, with different sensory characteristics, is strongly related to drying techniques. Experiments were carried out on coffee fruits, with the presence and absence of the fruit turnover process ...

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