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  • Ukers, William H. (1934-11)
    Although coffee is not indigenous to Brazil, the Fates have made it the world’s greatest coffee-producing country. The area suitable for coffee cultivation covers 1,158,000 square miles, more than one-third the area of ...
  • Ukers, William H. (1934-09)
    Rolling down to Rio is very different in 1934 from what is was 46 years ago when Louis R. Gray of Arbuckle’s’ first made the trip; or in 1898 when Leslie C. Greenland came out from England. And the late Jock Mc Kinlay, ...
  • Ukers, William H. (1934-09)
    Americans are beginning to understand something of the vastness of Brazil . If all Brazil’s twenty-one states were fitted into the United States there would be enough left over for a state larger than Texas. In area it is ...

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